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Keylogger Smart Keyboard Spy Program

Keylogger is really smart keyboard software which is now used in many areas for security of any personal secrets .

  • Business Application : Keylogger is now famous in business companies also . Many small or middle business companies used keylogger software for security of company  secrets . 
  • All kinds of Business based on computers with managers/key workers must be controlled by Keylogger Small Business. 
  • Parental Application : Many parents used keylogger software in their computer for security of their children from internet dangers. Parents can check all keystrokes of their children.
  • Personal Application : People can secure all pc data from any third person or outsiders.


What is Keylogger ?

Keyloggers are small scale spy programs, that record everything which you type on your computer keyboard basically it records all keystrokes of your computer, including documents, emails, user names and passwords , web searches etc.

Features of keyloggers :

  1. Easy  to install in few seconds on your pc
  2. Keylogger can records all keystrokes in a single log file
  3. It can also used for many applications areas like business application , personal application as well as parental application
  4. It also works with any operating system like vista , windows XP and Window 7.
  5. You have no need to install another software in your computer for retrieving and store all records of keystrokes
  6. It can stores also special keys of your computer like as [CTRL] , [ALT],[DELETE] etc.
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